Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese new year 2010.

Posted by Wisely at 5:34 AM
It's been so long that I never post on my blog. And I miss you all like hell, blogger:) we all now today is CNY eve. So first I wan to say happy CNY eve, buddies! well, now it's a good time to talk about CNY. I don't think that this year CNY is special like I think before. I am very busy for miss chinese that I want to follow at merdeka walk on this year CNY. I prepare the clothes for first audition, semi final n the last, final. The first audition's dress code is white tank top n short denim skirt. The semi final is gawn n the final is traditional dress which peole call it "cheongsam" :) so now, I need your support, buddies:) wish I can win that competition. but there is something make me sad too, my birthday is on 16 februari, the 3rd day of CNY. I sure nothing special of it. Sigh*
Hm .. I think it's enough. Someone call me already n it's mean that I'm going to end this post. Have a nice CNY, world ! :)


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