Friday, May 22, 2009

request by someone

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here I will upload some of my new photo. edited by Vanessa*
heyhey. stop having fun for a while.
boring exam is coming soon, gud luck for all. phew~
its 11 already. i must go bed.
i have a gladiresik tmorrow. its for sunday's fshion show competition.
muaaaah (: byebye.


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This Model display wedding dresses in the exhibition of wedding ceremonies and wedding dresses in Helsinki, capital of Finland, Jan., 15, 2005. Besides various kinds of wedding dresses, articles for weddings have also been exhibited.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

am I such a naughty student ?

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T.T I have been disturb by my phone ring tone during my relax time. ohhh, its my mandarin teacher .. i don't know what can I say if I answer her call. I just go home from someplace boring which was full of book, education and bla bla bla. then I decided to message her and tell her that i am stress enough for today. let we practice it again tomorrow. hahaha. am I such a naughty student ? :bb

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

nothing to do

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i spend my time with messaging at class today. nothing to do.
exam coming soon and i think nobody care. hahaha.
i am busy for chatting with my modelling teacher, talking about modelling competition which will be on 24May.
glamour jeans for the dress code and a lil bit gold for eyeshadow makeup. i'm trying to mix and mix && i hope i could win again at this competition.
badnews,my teacher punish me because of my bad behavior,gossips during lesson.
nine now. i am sleepy. see yaaaa (:

Monday, May 18, 2009


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today is the first day I log in this blog. i am new here. hahaha.
all walk away so fast. step by step. time by time. all change ! that is what we call nothing endless here (:

someone make my mood going bad today. some words for her. are you my big fans? always gossip about model and photographer. simple answer, jadi kalo model dandan ngaa menor apa? dandan pengemis lah?
i am sorry for this time post. bad post because my mood.