Tuesday, July 07, 2009

envy people !

Posted by Wisely at 8:32 AM
someone has made me angry today! his or her sucks mouth like a crazy duck that lost it wings.
do u want to know why? first, this people message me with unknown number on my phone to ask my friend mobile number. then I reply her or him "who is this? can't u ask her yourself" ? then soon this people says " galak banget! tidak layak jadi model! bla bla n bla bla bla" then I reply again " oh, gtu?" says he or she "dasar! model apa lu? foto dgn make up norak pun d taroh d fs" then I answer "awas ajaa klu gwe twu loe sypa!". she says again "pande ngancam ajaa kw. ngpaen tkut sm model norak kek km". last reply by patient wise "ak mles ladenin org ga pny manner kek km. bye". haha. such a envy people ! oops! someone(love) call me (: see eu again! mwah.

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